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Connecting Brain to Body

A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step.


Individualized Chiropractic Care 




A normally functioning nervous system is the single most important factor for optimal health. Upper Cervical Adjustments focus on the "craniocervical junction" or area at the very top of the neck. These adjustments ensure the structure of the spine, as well as the network of nerves called the brainstem, are both functioning normally. If this area of the spine becomes misaligned then our body's nerve signals and structure begin to malfunction. This is due to the direct neurological connection of the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2) to the brain and body's nerve supply. 

Upper Cervical Adjustments help to restore the connection between the brain and the rest of the body.

Your body was meant to do wonderful things! Are you allowing it to?

Visits range from $65-$90 depending on doctor recommendation our chosen chiropractic care plan.



IgG Food Sensitivity Testing is the perfect start to a healthier diet. This blood test detects certain foods that create more inflammation within the body, meaning your body is sensitive to them. (This is different from an allergy, but can sometimes feel similar.) Once triggering foods are determined and eliminated temporarily, the body can typically be reintroduced to these triggers without issues once the gastrointestinal tract has healed. 

Hair Mineral Analysis requires a small hair sample that is sent to the lab for essential minerals and toxic heavy metals stored within the tissues. A hair test provides a more long-term view of the body's metabolic blueprint.  Supplements and eating tips will then be recommended upon individual results to restore nutrient deficiency and imbalance. 

Now is the time to gain control over your health. No one will ever care more about your health than you! 



After an Upper Cervical Adjustment, clients get to relax in the spa! This step is very important and allows time for the nervous system to "reboot" similar to a computer. This is when the brain is busy reconnecting with the body after an adjustment.


Our clients LOVE quiet time to recenter! This is where self-care really sets in during visits. Our emotions have a direct connection to the functioning of our bodies.   Headphones may be brought in for a mindfulness session while you rest.


Zero Gravity recliners, dim lighting, music that soothes the soul, and a space to let the body reset, just for you! 

We ALL deal with stress; it is time to learn how to deal with it in a more positive manner. 



Tytron Thermography Scans are NASA-based technology that provides an objective measure of when an Upper Cervical Adjustment is needed. The scan does this by measuring nerve temperature under the skin's surface, along the spine.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging replaces x-rays for the clearest, most precise images of the cervical spine. This allows for 3-D images of the bone structure, allowing the doctor to analyze the safest, most comfortable adjustment for you (with less radiation than x-ray!) 

Class IV Cold Laser uses the energy from photons of light to target damaged cells to heal. During this process, inflammation is lowered which can also decrease pain.

Tytron Scans and CBCT imaging are involved in each initial care plan. Cold Laser is recommended on a case-by-case basis. 



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Dr. Alyssa Jacobsmeyer understands the inborn healing power of the human body.

"Our body is designed to be healthy as long as we retain proper communication between our brain and body."

However, it is so common to have lost that connection from stress, injuries, or years of known or unknown poor lifestyle choices. Dr. Jacobsmeyer witness this firsthand after suffering from a car accident leaving her with a traumatic brain injury in undergraduate school. 

After her own experience with chiropractic, she knew that more people needed to hear about the power of an adjustment and what our bodies are capable of overcoming free from added medication or even more invasive procedures. "I will forever attribute my health to the chiropractic adjustment and basic foundational health habits. These small habits will either rejuvenate and preserve health or slowly destroy it over a lifetime. Knowing the basics has been transformative on how I prioritize my own health to gain back the time, energy, and joyful hours of spending time with my husband, family, and closest of friends." 

Why Imagine Health Chiropractic is Special: 

In my office, there is no "twisting, popping, or cracking" with an adjustment. We utilize specific, gentle, and science-based techniques to ensure your adjustment is customized to your individual needs. By utilizing Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments we are able to get to the root cause of why you have abnormal function (and oftentimes painful symptoms). 

​This starts at the neurology and structure of the spine at the top of the neck. This is where the brainstem is located and also a common area for the spine to be misaligned. When these joints move out of their normal place, this puts irritation on the brainstem leading to miscommunication between the brain and body. The longer the spine stays in a misaligned state, the more damage and symptoms we commonly see. We call this misalignment a "chiropractic subluxation" and adjustments are designed to correct subluxations, allowing self-healing to take place. 

Dr. Jacobsmeyer deeply values relationships between her patients. She knows that no two people are the same. Success is built on trust, communication, and patience to guide those who want it most to better health.

I look forward to serving you! 



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